Dealership Partners

This is the beginning of a rewarding relationship!

Whether you’re a large dealership group or a small used car location, we can cater to you. With over 25 years of experience, Gateway was founded to provide indirect automobile financing to individuals with challenging or limited credit. Our partnerships make it possible for us to be a market leader that is making a difference. Additionally, if you have further questions about your dealership working with Gateway please feel free to contact us.

Relationship Lender

We want to get to know you and how we can add value to your current business model.

Partners in Success

We build win-win solutions for both the customer and the dealership.

All Structures Considered

You see value, just show us...we are looking to buy the deal!

Deep Buy Program

We buy high risk deep non-prime loans.

No Minimum Credit Score

We buy the customer, not the credit score!

Building Win-Win Solutions

We build win-win solutions for our dealership partners and their customers by getting to know you first so we can add value to your current business model.

Contact us today by phone or by submitting a form to speak with us about becoming a dealer partner. We look forward to speaking with you!

Dealership Representatives

Each of the states that Gateway Financial Solutions has operations in has its own representative. If you’re looking to finance your customers through Gateway Financial Solutions, or if you have questions about our process, rates, and more – feel free to contact your state’s representative person. We look forward to serving you!