Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Billing & Payments

Gateway financial offers multiple different options for you to make a payment towards your loan, including automatic withdrawals. Payments can be made using either a debit card (VISA or Mastercard), from your checking or savings account (ACH), or cash payments. We do not accept credit card payments, or payments made with an American Express or Discover card.

To schedule automatic payments for your account with your debit card, savings account, or checking account, please click here.

Additionally, if you’d like to sign up by phone you can do so by calling (800) 500-7092.

Phone payments can be made by calling (800) 500-7092, where a live representative can assist you.  Additionally, when calling and selecting option #3, a phone payment can be made with our automated payment line.  Our representatives are available by phone Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm EST & Saturdays from 10am-2pm EST.  Our automated payment system is available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   

Online payments can be made by visiting our payment page here. Please note, you will need to create an online account, or, log in by using your seventeen-digit account number. 

While payments cannot be made at our headquarters, Gateway Financial has teamed with Western Union, MoneyGram, PayNearMe, & Ace Cash Express.  All of these payment processing companies accept cash payments in person.  Please note, you will need your seventeen-digit account number when making a payment with any of these three companies. 

Click here for more information on these payment gateways >

Payments can be mailed by using the address listed below. We do recommend that if you’re going to send your payment by mail, that it is sent in advance to the payment coming due. This allows time for the payment to be received on or before its due date. Please be sure to include your name and account number on the check that you send, to ensure your funds are applied properly.

Gateway Financial Solutions
PO Box 3257
Saginaw, MI 48605

To request a copy of your payment history, please either call (800) 500-7092, or email your request to [email protected].  Please be sure to include your desired mailing address, as your transaction history will be printed by our administrative team, and mailed to you directly.  

No. Per your signed contract, all of your contractual loan payments are due on or before their due date. If the payment is not paid on time, our collections efforts will begin when the loan is one day delinquent. Applicable finance charges will accrue on the outstanding principal balance, until you have paid the loan current. On-time payments are strongly suggested, so that additional charges do not accumulate.

To obtain a Payment Arrangement by phone, please contact our office at (800) 500-7092.  This will allow us to review your account with you, and determine the best options available to you at that time.  These options can assist in alleviating the stresses brought on by unexpected life expenses or circumstances, and help us to keep your account up to date.  The sooner you are in communication with our office, the sooner we can help you navigate past a difficult financial situation, and guide you back towards the road to success with your loan. 

To schedule an arrangement via email, please reach send an email to [email protected], with your requested arrangement date.  Email requests for payment arrangements are reviewed and responded to in the order in which they are received, Monday – Friday 8am-5pm EST.  If the arrangement that you request does not meet the parameters established for online arrangements, you may still be asked to call our office directly, to schedule a more in-depth plan to ensure the future success of your loan.  Please be sure to include your first & last name, and last four-digits of your Social Security Number when sending your request.  This will allow us to verify your identity, and also respond to your request accordingly.  

To cancel automatic payments that were previously scheduled on your account, please contact our representatives at (800) 500-7092.  Please note, the cancellation of an automatic payment should be requested at least 48 hours before the date of withdrawal.  

If you would like to increase the amount of your automatic payments to be higher than your contractual payments, please contact our office at (800) 500-7092.  If you prefer to complete this process online, please click HERE to download a form that can be filled out and returned via email, to [email protected].

Each loan is eligible for one due date change during the life of your loan.  To change your due date, your account must first be current.  To request a due date change to correspond with how you are paid, please contact (800) 500-7092.  These requests cannot be completed via email or text correspondence.  

If you have processed your payment using a savings or checking account, it typically takes 3-5 business days or longer, for your banking institution to transfer your funds to us.  In this instance, please ensure that your funds are left in the account and available, to avoid the payment being returned for non-sufficient funds. 

Yes.  Any lump sum payments that are made will be applied to your account in the following order:  

  1. Accrued finance charges 
  2. Principal balance – until the account is paid current 
  3. Principal balance – once the accrued charges and any delinquent principal balance has been paid in full, the remaining amount of your lump sum will be applied towards the remaining principal balance. 

Please note, when applying the remaining funds, this may advance your due date (depending on the amount of the Lump Sum Payment).  Additional finance charges will not be imposed on the remaining amount that is applied towards your principal balance.

To obtain your payoff amount by phone, please contact our representatives at (800) 500-7092.   

To obtain your payoff amount via email, please send your request to [email protected].  Be sure to include your first & last name, along with the last four-digits of your Social Security Number (for the sake of identity verification purposes). 

Your Finance Charges will accrue daily and are based on your unpaid principal balance only.  Interest does not accrue on interest that is owed.    

Customer Service

To speak directly with one of our representatives, please call (800) 500-7092 or (989) 790-5161.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm EST and  Saturday from 10am-2pm EST.  Additionally, our virtual collections team is available to speak via email and text message Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm EST. Messages are responded to in the order in which they are received.

Gateway Financial Solutions does offer an English to Spanish translation service to assist you with servicing your loan. To utilize this service, please contact our office at (800) 500-7092.  Once your call has been connected to a live representative, they will be able to transfer the call directly to our translation service in order to effectively communicate with you in regards to your loan.

If you have received an adverse action letter via USPS, it is simply to indicate that the loan that you applied for was not approved. If you received this letter, but do in fact have a loan with us, this would indicate that more than one attempt was made to fund your loan. One of which was approved, and one of which was not.

My Account

To discuss any questions you have in regards to the status of the funding of your loan, please contact our funding department at (989) 791-5030, Ext. 2.

To add an authorized party to your account, please contact our office at (800) 500-7092. Our representatives will then verify information regarding the person(s) you are looking to add, and will note your account accordingly. When placing this call, it is best for that person to be present with you, in case you do not know all of their specific information that we will need to add them as an authorized party.

Please contact our representatives at (800) 500-7092 to review the requirements that need to be met for this to happen.

If you have already filed for bankruptcy, please reach out to our office so we can obtain the following information needed to proceed: your attorney’s name, mailing address, and contact number. To speak directly with our legal department and provide this information, please contact (989) 791-2505.

To obtain your full, 17-digit account number, please reach out to our representatives at (800) 500-7092. The web chat function in the bottom right corner of our website allows you to verify your information and send a request for your account number to be provided to you via text or email correspondence. To request your account number via text message correspondence, simply Text GATEWAY to 90828.

To make your payment online, click here. At this point, you can log into your account to process a payment by entering your full account number, ZIP code, and phone number or email address.

To view your account balance and previous payment information online, click here. This will allow you to log into your personal payment portal. To login, simply provide your 17-digit account number, ZIP code on file, and phone number or email address. Once you have logged in successfully, you will see blue text near the top of the page that says “VIEW ALL”. Clicking on this will provide you with the following information: next payment due date, days past due, payoff amount, last payment date, payment amount, payment frequency, and vehicle model.

Signing up for text message alerts will help you to better manage your loan by sending alerts for upcoming payments and also allowing you to communicate with a member of our staff in regards to your loan. To sign up for text message alerts, simply text GATEWAY to 90828.

Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. To opt-out at anytime, reply STOP to any message we send. Text HELP for additional assistance. View our Mobile Policy here and Privacy Policy here.

To update your home address, home phone number, cell phone number, or email address, please contact our representatives at (800) 500-7092. If you are unable to reach out by phone, updated information can also be provided via email at [email protected] or text GATEWAY to 90828.

Yes, as of April 2023 Gateway Financial provides all buyers with a monthly statement either via email or mail. Customers with active email accounts will be automatically enrolled to receive their statement via email. If you need to update your email address, mailing address or access your statement online, please click here:

To access your monthly statement, please click here: If you have not set up your account previously, you will be required to register with your information in order to log in.

Yes, you can change your statement delivery preference by visiting: After logging in to your account, navigate to the Delivery Preferences section on left hand menu and update your opt in preferences.

Contact Us

For hours, phone, or our mailing address information, click here for that information.

Whether you’re a current customer looking to reach out to our incredible support team or are a potential customer looking for more information about our business, we’d love to hear from you!


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